MKP Base Options

Options control the behavior of the code and remain in effect over time. They are stored in the WordPress wp_options table. They can be modified but not created or deleted. Here are the options and how they impact the code:

  • enabled = {true | false}: enables or disables the mkp_base plugin. When disabled, no shortcodes will work.
  • verbose = {true | false}: controls writing of diagnostic information into the diagnostic log.
  • logfile = : Name of file to write diagnostic messages into
  • handler = {: This array has three values that define what code handles diagnostic messages
    • function = false: This is the name of a user-defined function that will receive diagnostic messages.
    • class = MKP_Base: This is the name of the class that contains the method that will handle diagnostic messages.
    • method = file_logger: This is the name of the method that handles diagnostic messages.


  • show_all_igroups = {true | false}: If true, all I-groups will be displayed on maps. If false, only I-groups that have declared themselves public will be shown on maps
  • show_loggedin_igroups = {true | false}: If true…???
  • source = MKP Plugins:: This is the string that will prepend each message written to the diagnostic log file.

Here are some examples of their use:

mkp_base option=show_all_igroups+false,function+’my_handler’ set_option show_options
mkp_base reset_options <– so we can still capture diagnostics


[mkp_base option=show_all_igroups+false,function+’default_diagnostic_handler’ set_option show_options]
[mkp_base reset_options]