MKP I-Group Maps

Community, Area, Regional or World-Wide I-Groups can be shown on a map using the “map” action code with the mkp_igroups shortcode shortcode.

Maps require that the I-Group being displayed must have a latitude, longitude and zoom factor. The get_latlng modifier will attempt to get any missing lag/lng data from Google. Alternatively, this information can be edited in the I-Group data inside MKP Connect.

The Zoom factor is an integer that ranges from 1..20. The higher the zoom factor, the more area is covered. A zoom factor of 2 will cover twice as much area as a zoom factor of 1. And zoom=3 covers twice as much as zoom=2.

If the zoom factor is missing, the MKP_Plugin code will attempt to derive it, but the calculations to do this are spotty at best. The result is that the map appears centered on some point other than the center of the specified region, area or specific i-group.

When deriving the latitude and longitude of a specific I-Group, the code uses the city, state and zip code values (if present). It does not use street information. As a result, Google will provide an approximation of the I-Group’s location. This is intentional. If you want the details, click on the I-Group icon and then on the I-Group title in the popup.