MKP Plugins

The new, improved and lightweight version of the MKP_Connect WordPress plugin consists of these files:

    • MKP_Base: this plugin contains commonly used functions that, in the old plugin were replicated many times. It is the base class for three more plugins:
      • MKP_IGroups which loads the MKP I-Groups XML data and filters and renders it for display on various web pages.
      • MKP_Communities which loads the MKP Community XML data and filters and renders it for display on various web pages.
      • MKP_Contacts which loads the MKP Contact XML data and filters and renders it for display on various web pages.

All plugins use shortcodes to invoke their functionality. Each plugin supports a “shortcodes” code that will display the shortcodes the plugin recognizes, E.G.:

mkp_base shortcodes


MKP Base Shortcodes:
All modifiers must precede actions they modify.
  • Shortcode Actions:
    • shortcodes = bool, action: Display list of plugin shortcodes
    • do_shortcode = string, action: Execute a shortcode
  • Diagnostic Modifiers:
    • verbose = bool, modifier: Display diagnostic messages and long form of notification types
    • message = string, modifier: Message text for use by log and notify codes
    • source = string, modifier: Prefix diagnostic messages with this text
  • Diagnostic Actions:
    • report = bool, action: requires: [message] Log a diagnostic message.
    • log = bool, action: requires: [message] optional: [source] Log a diagnostic message
    • show_diagnostics = bool, action: Display the contents of the log file
    • clear_diagnostics = bool, action: Delete the log file
  • Notification Modifiers:
    • notification_type = bool, modifier: Message notification type}
    • type = bool, modifier: Message otification type}
    • show_types = bool, action: show notification types
    • enabled = bool, modifier: If true, show only enabled notification types
    • sticky = bool, modifier: Set notification sticky values
    • echo = bool, modifier: Echo notifications in output stream
  • Notification Actions:
    • notify = bool, action: requires: [message] optional: [type,sticky,echo] Create notification message.
    • show_notifications = bool, action: Display pending notification messages
    • clear_notifications = bool, action: Delete pending notifications
    • notifications_tool = bool, action: Load and show interactive notifications tool
  • Option Management Modifiers:
    • option = string, modifier: option name+
    • option_name = string, modifier: option name to be set
    • option_value = string, modifier: new option value
    • options = bool, modifier: Display current option values
    • filter = string, modifier: SQL LIKE value to use as filter on Option Names
  • Option Management Actions:
    • option_test = bool, action: requires: [option_name,option_value] Perform test of getting and updating a specific option name and value
    • options_test = bool, action: Perform test of getting and updating various types of options
    • save = bool, action: Make current option values persistent by saving in wp_options table
    • set_option = array, action: Set current option value
    • show_options = array, action: send current options to log file
    • show_site_options = bool, action: optional: [filter] Show options for current site
    • reset_options = bool, action: Reset options to their default values
  • Manage loading of extension classes:
    • autoload = bool, action: Automatically load specific extensions - simpler
    • unload = bool, action: Disable autoloading
    • show_loaded = bool, action: Show which extensions are currently loaded
    • show_autoloaded = bool, action: Show which extensions are automatically loaded
    • clear_autoload = bool, action: Disable autoloading of any extensions
  • Extensions:
    • communities = bool, modifier: Load or Autoload the Communities module
    • contacts = bool, modifier: Load or Autoload the Contacts module
    • igroups = bool, modifier: Load or Autoload the I-Groups module
    • mapper = bool, modifier: Load or Autoload the Mapper module
    • reload = bool, action: reload XML data
  • Area Name
    • area_name = bool, modifier: Current area name
    • set_area = bool, action: requires: [area_name] Set current area name
    • get_area = bool, action: Get current area name
  • Site Information Actions:
    • site_name = bool, action: Show current multisite name
    • site_url = bool, action: Show URL of curent site
    • site_info = bool, action: Show current multisite information
    • show_version = bool, action: Show current code version
    • php_version = bool, action: Show PHP version