MKP Base Shortcode Error Detection

Shortcodes are defined for MKP_Base, MKP_Communities, MKP_Contacts, MKP_IGroups and MKP_Mapper. When processing shortcodes, each code is looked up in its corresponding definition. If not found, the code will be rejected. Each shortcode must also have an action code which may be preceded by one or more modifiers. If no action code is found or if the action code is followed by modifiers but no final action code is specified, then it will be rejected. Here are some examples of codes that will fail:

mkp_base foo=bar Invalid code & No action code
mkp_base verbose No action code
mkp_base notify message=’xxx’ No trailing action code


[mkp_base foo=bar]
[mkp_base verbose]
[mkp_base notify message=’xxx’]