Your Donation is an Investment in Mankind

By supporting the ManKind Project USA, you are building community for conscious men, providing space for healing, accountability, and vision, and supporting the creation of a safer and more equal society for all people.

Why Invest in the ManKind Project USA

ManKind Project USA is building and supporting the emotionally mature, accountable, and compassionate male role models that our society so desperately needs. We are inviting men and women who share a commitment to their communities to support the emergence of healthy, accountable leaders, team-members, fathers, brothers, sons, and neighbors.

Consider the impact of thousands of awake, mature, accountable men on the world, YOUR world. Consider the impact for future generations, a world where “men act on their individual and shared responsibility for the future of humanity.” If this speaks to you, what would it take to give yourself fully to fulfilling on that mission, with the many attributes and resources you possess – your time and talent, energy and love, connections and money?

The ManKind Project USA is committed to initiating and supporting men on a path of emotional maturity, spiritual awareness and deepening community. Take a stand with us by aligning your financial investment to spread this work in the world.Make an investment now, and join a circle of donors who have gifted between $1,000 and $50,000 per year to support this Project.

Membership – Join or Renew

Note to Warriors & Fans: Your Membership support provides direct support our local communities across the country. Members receive a number of benefits from the ManKind Project USA.

Philanthropic Giving

Note to Benefactors: Your development gifts can be targeted in a number of ways to support projects, constituency groups, or local communities. Connect with our development team to learn more.

Targeted Giving

The ManKind Project is proud to be home to all kinds of men from diverse circumstances and backgrounds. The ManKind Project USA has established a number of Targeted Giving funds for specific demographics including men of color, indigenous people, young men, GBTQ men, elders, and more.

Other Ways to Give

  • Broadcast Advertising
  • MKP Logowear
  • Amazon SMILE
  • Car donation
  • Kroger Giving
  • Stock Contributions
  • Fundraising Events

Legacy Gifts

Including the ManKind Project USA in your will creates an enduring impact on the future of men’s work in the world.

Donor Information

The ManKind Project USA is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 corporation, with a federal tax ID number of 36-3712913. Donations are deductible to the full extent of the law. MKP USA Letter of Determination 501(c)(3) Status Information – DOWNLOAD. View MKP USA’s audited financial statements on the Financial Information page.Corporate Mailing Address: ManKind Project USA, PO Box 383, Kaysville, UT 84037


“We all have dreams. We all have desires. We all do the best we can – with what we’ve got … At the age of 47 I felt that I was doing a pretty good job. I have a pretty happy family, and lead and manage my staff pretty well. This weekend gave me a new lease on life! A new desire! A new drive! A new ambition! A new vision! I feel invigorated with a new energy, a drive and desire for more, for better, for me, for my family, for my community and for my business!”