MKP Base Notifications Demo

Notifications Tool

This tool shows the capabilities of the Diagnostics and Notifications features built into the MKP Base plugin. Diagnostics generates messages in one or more log files, while Notifications generates messages that are displayed on screen for the beenefit of the user.

Input Controls:

  • Message: enter a message you want written to the diagnostics log and the screen.
  • Type: select the type of notification to display.
  • Source: Notifications can originate from code in the Browser or code in the server.
  • Sticky: if checked, keep notifications on screen; otherwise, fade after five seconds.
  • Auto-Drain: Pull messages from the server automatically.


  • Single generate a single message from the current source.
  • Multiple generate one message from the current source for each Type.
  • Drain show all messages currently on server.
  • Refresh refresh contents of Diagnostic Panel.
  • Clear clear contents of diagnostic log.

Browser: Server: Sticky: Auto-Drain: