MKP I-Group Shortcodes

I-Groups use shortcodes as well. I-Group shortcodes include:

  • Shortcode Modifiers:
    • show_base_codes – list mkp_base shortcodes as well
  • Region, Area or Community Modifiers:
    • region={* or region name}
    • area={area name}
    • community={community name}
    • children – include children of area or region
    • reload – download a fresh copy of the XML data
    • list – render as a list of selected I-Groups
  • Mapping Shortcodes:
    • get_latlng = attempt to get latitude / longitude data from Google for any I-Groups that don’t have this data. See note below.
    • map – produce a map for

Here is how to show a list of all I-Group shortcodes.

mkp_igroups shortcodes


MKP IGroups Shortcodes:
All modifiers must precede actions they modify.
  • Shortcode display codes:
    • show_base_codes = bool, modifier: Include mkp_base shortcodes when showing shortcodes
    • shortcodes = bool, action: Show community shortcodes
    • verbose = bool, modifier: Display diagnostic messages
  • Region, Area and Community selector codes:
    • region = string, modifier: region name or "*" for all regions
    • area = string, modifier: area name
    • community = string, modifier: community name
    • children = bool, modifier: Show region or area communities
  • Filters:
    • show_all_igroups = bool, modifier: If false, don't render I-Groups that don't have 'public' set
    • show_loggedin_igroups = bool, modifier: If true and user is logged in to the WordPress site, then show everything
  • Map-related codes:
    • get_latlng = bool, modifier: Get latlng data from file or google (very slow)
    • get_lat_lng = bool, modifier: Get latlng data from file or google (very slow)
    • show_latlng = bool, modifier: Show Latitude and Longitude information
    • show_lat_lng = bool, modifier: Show Latitude and Longitude information
  • Actions:
    • reload = bool, action: reload XML data
    • list = bool, action: show region, area or community names
    • map = string, action: {"*" | "region" | "area" | "community"}