Get Ready to Evolve

We don’t try to make friendships. We make powerful bonds between men, whether they like each other or not.  A ‘regular guy’ can step into this space and be feel empowered to tell the unvarnished truth about his life. We’re not here to put on a show for each other. We’re not here to set ourselves up in opposition to a perceived ‘other’ in the world. We’re not here to offer salvation. We’re here to cut through the bullshit messages we’ve been taught are the fundamentals of being a man. We’re here to step through the fear of showing up authentically, powerfully, and vulnerably, warts and all, in our lives. We’re here to find and explore our purpose.

  • If you are a change agent, a man working with others for the good of society – the skills you can learn here are essential to your efforts to create sustainable solutions in the world.
  • If you struggle with commitment, with discipline, with emotional honesty, with feelings of powerlessness or inadequacy, with anger, frustration, depression – this is a kind of bonding that will help you break old patterns and find YOUR PLACE in a community.
  • If you are outwardly successful and looking to become more integrated with other parts of  your life – this is a place to come and explore, refine and express yourself, even the parts that may be hiding out in the shadows.
  • If you have never felt safe or at ease in a group of men – this is a place to figure out why and to change that. Your success depends on your efforts.

Without moving beyond ‘connection by cause’ and into ‘bonded commitment’, efforts to create and sustain community will fail … over and over and over.

Movements fail not because of the lack of good ideas or even good organization, but because of the lack of mature bonding – the kind of connection that allows groups to overcome personal and psychological blocks and resolve interpersonal conflicts in a way that is energizing rather than draining to their efforts.

This is what we’ve been doing for over 30 years in the ManKind Project. This is what we strive for in our Men’s Groups. Your personal development is essential to the evolution of our collective culture.

Is it easy? Hell no. Becoming a mature man isn’t easy. Is it worth it? Hell yeah. Making this commitment to yourself can change everything in your world.

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Need Help Starting a Men’s Group?

The ManKind Project has been helping men build successful men’s groups for over 30 years. And we can help you.

Many of the MKP I-Group Men’s Groups that have been around for 10 or more years were formed by men who made a powerful decision to attend the New Warrior Training Adventure as a group. Most of our communities around the world have grown from these tightly bonded bands of brothers.

Two Actions You Can Take Now:

By making a donation in any amount to the ManKind Project USA Membership program, you will automatically receive a full PDF version of one of the foundational books available for creating and sustaining a healthy men’s group, “A Circle of Men: The Original Manual for Men’s Support Groups.” by one of the founders of the ManKind Project, Bill Kauth.

OR Send us an email to get started on your next great creation! Outreach Request