How to help us celebrate!

When you are aware of a story: a post on Facebook, an article that mentions an MKP brother, or are aware of something a brother or I-Group is doing that is worthy of celebration please fill out this form or feel free to email

Peter Dean – Courageous Dancing Bear, is serving in a new role: Celebration Ambassador. As Celebration Ambassador Peter will be seeking out and publishing stories about #NewWarrior MKP brothers doing wonderful things in the world and helping to get those men and stories celebrated throughout the Project. He’ll be working with the Communications & Marketing and Organizational Development circles. Watch out for communication from Peter to our Area Stewards and I-Group Coordinators!

Peter did the New Warrior Training Adventure at Claymont, WV in September 2005 with all of the men in his men’s group (now an I-Group!). Last year the group celebrated its 25th anniversary.  How is this possible? The group formed out of the Washington, DC Men’s Council in 1991 and six of the men have been in the group since its inception. Those men went through the New Warrior Training Adventure together and two other brothers joined them from the weekend.